5 Fantastic Gifts for Anesthesiologists

After not waking up, what's the second most common fear people have before surgery? For most, it's waking up during the surgery and being able to feel what's happening.

A terrifying thought, for sure. And do you know who keeps that from happening? Anesthesiologists, their nurses, and (in the future) medical students. It's their job to keep you sedated for the length of the procedure and to make sure you wake up, safely, when it's time.

Whether you're looking for gifts for anesthesiologists before surgery or because you have a friend/family member in the field, we've got great gift ideas.

Types of Anesthesiologists

Just like any other medical specialty, it takes a team of people to create the perfect Anesthesia experience. So when you're looking for anesthesiologist gifts, consider all the people on your team, including the:

  • Anesthesiologist (MD)
  • Anesthesia Technician
  • Anesthesiologist assistant (RN)
  • Certified Anesthesia Technician
  • Certified Anesthesia Technologist

Already have someone in mind? See our five favorite gifts, below!

1. I Watch You Sleep T-Shirt

Everyone loves a funny t-shirt. Even if they don't choose to wear it out and about, they can wear it under their scrubs at work or when they're around the house.

This T-shirt comes in eight different colors, a size range from XS to 5XL, and is a classic Unisex fit. It has the words, "I watch you sleep" in a simple, all-caps font that is easy to read, so multiple people can enjoy the joke.

It's just $28, with a small shipping fee. Take a look and add it to cart, here.

Runner Up Favorite: Just Tube Em T-shirt

Maybe the person you're buying an anesthesiology gift for has a more subtle sense of humor that is displayed on the shirt above. Don't worry - there are plenty of other shirts to choose from.

If we had to pick a second favorite, it would be the Nike-inspired "Just Tube Em." tee. It features a nasopharyngeal airway tube, also called a trumpet tube, with those words in bright white font.

The tube design is laid out to mimic the shape of the Nike check-mark, and the words are inspired by Nike's famous text "Just do it".

This shirt comes in a range of nine colors, a few different fabric combinations, and is available in unisex sizes small through 4XL. All materials are super soft, hold their shape well, and are made of high-quality materials.

It's $24 and is available here.

2. The Size Matters Unisex Hoodie

Is the person you're buying an anesthesiology gift for always cold? Those hospitals get chilly! When they're not in the emergency room wearing scrubs, they can throw this funny "Size Matters" sweatshirt on to keep warm.

While the phrase "size matters" has some other connotations, the design on the sweatshirt makes it crystal clear what the motto is referring to.

The sweatshirt has the word size, in all caps up top, followed by images of four needles, descending in size, with different cap colors. The word matters follow right below the needles, in the same text as above.

It comes in four colors, has a kangaroo pocket to keep hands warm, and has a hood with adjustable drawstrings. It comes in sizes small through two xl, in a comfy cotton polyester blend.

It's $35, and you'll find it here.

Non-Apparel Gifts for Anesthesiologists

We know that buying someone's clothing can be tricky. How do you know what size to buy? What color? Sometimes it's safer to buy accessories that anyone can use.

Plus, if you have a whole care team to buy for, accessories can be a more affordable option. Looking for unique gift ideas for an anesthesiologist?

Luckily for you, we've got accessories too! Here are three of our favorites

3. The Musical Nasal Trumpet Fanny Pack

Don't laugh - fanny packs are having a serious comeback moment. While they were made fun of in the early 2000s, music festival-goers have brought them back to the public eye after realizing how convenient they are.

People love to wear them as novelty items, or at least in novelty prints. And if you know one of those people, our Musical Nasal Trumpet Anesthesia fanny pack is the perfect gift!

It's a polyester one-pocket fanny pack that comes in a sunny yellow, with a teal nasal trumpet design, which features musical notes coming out of the trumpet's mouth.

It comes in two sizes, S/M and M/L. You can see the size chart on the website.

4. Succinylcholine Candle

Candles are probably the safest gift to get someone you don't know very well, especially when they smell good and say something funny. This one is both and references a drug used often by anesthesiologists.

The candle is designed to look like a medical bottle label and is "For Rapid Onset Relaxation". It's the perfect gift!

5. Milk of Amnesia Camper Enamel Mug

If candles aren't the safest gift choice, then mugs have to be. Especially this trending camping-style wide-mouth mug.

It features a white body and handle with a silver lip, and the words "Milk of Amnesia" in gold font. Your anesthesiologist friend will love winding down from their stressful day with their beverage of choice in this mug!

Finding the Perfect Gift

While we love the products above, we have even more fantastic choices on our website. Everything from other t-shirts, to socks, to laptop cases - and more!

We aim to be the destination to find gifts for Anesthesiologists and hope you'll bless your local anesthesia professional with one of our high-quality gifts.

Count backward from ten, then shop the collection here.