8 Great Gifts For Hard-Working Medical Students

Wake up, study, sleep repeat. The days are long, and the nights can be even longer for medical students. A grueling schedule and challenging coursework are just some of the many reasons why medical school is such a mountain to climb.

Medical students are often incredibly independent and self-sufficient. They put themselves through one of the most rigorous courses of education, with the desire of bringing people back to their health.

Wondering what to get your loved one for a gift as they work through this arduous journey? Look no further! Read on with this gift guide to find the perfect birthday and special occasion gifts for your hardworking medical student. 

1. Succinylcholine Candle

What do you think of when you hear relaxation? A candle! The benefits of candles are endless, in the way that they positively affect the mental state of those around them. Their slow-burning, soothing smells can help melt off the stress of a long day. Medical students may enjoy wrapping up their studies for the day by candlelight. 

This succinylcholine candle is a statement piece- this amazing drug in the anesthesia world relaxes muscles and numbs the pain. Let's hope the candle may have a similar effect on your stressed medical student. It is hand-poured with soy vegan wax in the USA, with a gentle scent to relax during this holiday season. 

2. Milk of Amnesia Enamel Mug

Coffee- the saving grace of all who are tired and running on few hours of sleep. If your medical student is a coffee lover, this could be the perfect gift for them! Give them a mug they can count on to keep their coffee warm and stay caffeinated throughout the day.

This trendy mug has a white coating with a silver rim. It will keep your favorite beverage or meal warm, to enjoy for hours on a hike or outdoor adventure. The witty saying 'Milk of Amnesia' will pop on a shelf of other coffee mugs. 

3. Size Matters T-Shirt

Make your gift shopping easy with this shirt that will turn heads! The front says 'Size Matters', and features four different sized vials. 

This comfortable shirt is perfect for your loved one to throw on for a long day of studies, and is available in sizes Small- 3XL. Choose between the cooling colors of black, navy, dark heather, or sport grey. 

4. Med Vial Fanny Pack

Have you noticed that fanny packs are making a comeback? It has a lot to do with how simple they are to use on the go! Hands-free, you can conveniently store all of your items at your waist. 

This colorful option is blue with different sized medicine vials printed across the front. It's great to bring along to a festival, concert, or just running errands for the day. Slip your necessities in, and you are good to go on a hands-free adventure.

5. Musical Nasal Trumpet Socks

Socks are an essential that your medical student likely wears each day, during their long shifts at the hospital. Might as well make them fun! Keeping the feet warm is the first step to keeping the body at a comfortable temperature during a long day.

These Nasal Trumpet Socks feature teal nasal trumpets playing music notes up the socks. They are a great conversation piece, and their cushioned bottom keep feet warm for many shifts to come. 

6. Propofol Laptop Sleeve

A laptop is one of the things that your loved one will spend the most time with during their medical school career. So much of the learning process happens virtually, so taking care of a laptop is crucially important. Work against a possible laptop crisis with this useful gift.

Gift a fun way to protect a laptop with this fun Propofol Laptop Sleeve. Propofol is another commonly used anesthesia drug, causing sleepiness before medical procedures. This neon yellow sleeve features bottles of Propofol and can protect a laptop from scratches and dents.

7. General Anesthesia Sweatshirt

This fun gift will cause some laughs, reading "I Like People (Under General Anesthesia)". The teal and white lettering pop against the sweatshirt's black fabric. It is perfect for your sassy loved one who enjoys the nature of what they are doing- especially after the patient slips into blissful sleep.

Choose this cozy piece for that medical student that has a fun sense of humor. It's a great option to layer with for a long day of classes and will keep them warm all winter long. 

8. Rocuronium Champion Dad Hat

A baseball cap is an excellent choice if your medical student is difficult to buy presents for. This option has the work 'Rocuronium', a drug that relaxes skeletal muscles, etched across its front in a red box with white lettering. 

The trendy hat is available in black, grey or white, and is one size fits all. Perfect for a relaxing day at the beach or on the golf course, a baseball cap can encourage your student to take some time away from those studies to refresh. 

Make Medical Students Happy This Season!

We hope that something on this holiday gift guide caught your attention for those special medical students in your life. Though they may be difficult to shop for, that perfect gift will bring them joy and usefulness in their everyday life.

Please stop by our shop, Anesthesia Gear, and check out some other excellent gift options! For exciting gifts, we have everything from cozy beanies to sassy sweatshirts in stock for your medical student. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy start to 2022.